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Welcome to Philippians 4v8, the free fiction database for those who care what they are reading.

Why does this site exist?

This site is here to help people to avoid unwholesome content in books. The site is essentially a database which records the presence of potentially objectionable content in books, along with their author, genre and some notes by the reviewer. To start looking at reviews, click on the 'Search' link above.

Anyone over the age of 13 can review a book, and any number of people can review any given book. A summary of all reviews is also given, for each book. To ensure that complete rubbish does not end up in the database, reviews are checked before inclusion in the database. Please help make this site useful by adding your own reviews of books you have read: it does not matter whether you wish to recommend a book or criticise it or do something in-between; you can do any of these! To start, first create an account, and then click on 'Submit Review', above.